Back in the Saddle

Well,... Its been way too long since I have posted anything on the Morris Pools Blog. I could type for a while and try to come up with several excuses as to why or how busy I have been. But as I learned several years ago, "Excuses are like rear ends, everyone has them and they all stink!"  SO... our re-committed goal going forward is to post lots of information on the blog in order for our customers to better understand us and all about swimming pools! 

Swimming Pools are great! Aren't they? Here in Arizona, the valley of the SUN its like 110 degrees outside. You have a big hole in your backyard filled with tons of clean water so you and your kids can go cool off. They are a blast! Parties, food, music, games, people all make swimming pools great. We live to enjoy! I once heard a great quote about life..."Life is not meant to be endured but enjoyed"! 

Here is one of the gorgeous pools that we maintain on a weekly basis

But what happens when everyone leaves? What happens when the neighbors tree drops everything into your pool? Does this affect the water chemistry? What happens when the huge dust storms from the south leave a thick coat of dust on the bottom of the pool? You are left with a huge mess!
Pool care can be overwhelming. Routine cleaning, checking all the equipment, constant battle with the water chemistry. 
However, pool care can be made simple if the proper steps are taken & followed. We will be giving out lots of information over the next several weeks. So stay tuned.

Please ask us questions!! We are here to answer your questions and help share the knowledge about pool care that we have learned over the years.

Until next time....Enjoy the simple things of life!